Durand Jones and the Indications “American Love Call”

Tourista “Venganza”

Tourista “Fantasmas”

Rosetta "Utopioid"

Highly Suspect "The Boy Who Died Wolf"

Highly Suspect "Mr. Asylum"

Lettuce "Crush"

Odesza "In Return"

Puss N Boots "No Fools, No Fun"

Jeffrey Ziegler "Something of Life"

Sannhet "Revisionist"

Bomba Estereo "Elegancia Tropical"

Craig Wedren and Jefferson Friedman " On in Love"

The Parkington Sisters "Til Voices Wake us", "Me You Us"

The Book of Knots "Garden of Fainting Stars"

The Holmes Brothers: "Brotherhood"

Rival Schools "Pedals"

Mad Love "White with Foam"

Federation of the Disco Pimp "Inamorata" , "More than Dancing"

Sasha Dobson "EP " "Aquarius"

Dub Trio "IV", "VCO Dub"

Rosetta "The Anaesthete"

Adriana Lucia "Porro Nuevo"

Scarboro "Here Comes the Hangover"

John Zorn "Myth and Mythopoeia"

Divagash "2.lov"

Pretty Lights "A Color Map of the Sun"

Bird Courage "Maia Manu", "A Promising Flee"

A Storm of Light "Forgive Us Our Trespasses", "As the valley of Death becomes us...."

Gaby Moreno "Postales"

Book of Knots "Garden of Fainting Stars"

Cavallo "Almost Colossus"

Matisyahu "Stubbs Vol.2" "Akeda" "Disney Reggae Club"

Scarboro "The Safe Word is Yes"

P Diddy "...The Saga Continues"